What A Year its Been!

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January 21, 2013. 
The day I started my journey, the day I decided that I no longer wanted to be the "big girl," the day I told myself it was time for a change, the day I told myself "it's time for something more." All of those things and more is what I told myself when I started my journey just one year ago. 
I was tired of being overweight and I wanted to lose weight for so long, but I never had the determination or the will power to keep up with it. I would always start but never finish, bought countless DVDs but only did them for a month, got a gym membership but only went when my friend was going, so it was just a never ending cycle of being overweight.

My journey started when I just turned 23. At the time the job I had was "fitness" based, the boss wanted the students and the staff to be more "fitness" based. While he hired a personal trainer for the students, the staff took advantage of her as well.And I can say she was also a big apart of this journey.

So I started, I worked out with her, took advice from her and even learned new ways how to cook the food I love to eat so I can eat them in a healthier fashion. I learned that exercise wasn't 100% key to losing weight and becoming healthier. It truly starts with eating habits. Working out just aids the process. 

I loved the results I was getting, I was finally starting to feel happy about myself. I noticed that my thought process became clearer, I even felt smarter, ha! But seriously I felt as if I could finally take on any task I wanted to and actually be successful.
But it wasn't easy, I lost weight and  gained weight. I struggled with eating too much and then not eating enough. For awhile my weight was at a standstill and I didn't lose anything for months. I ate too much sweets, drank too much sweets and even binged every now and again. However, I always found my way back, I always knew that I couldn't go back to who I was. That wasn't an option.

In the year 2013, one thing I fell in love with was running. At first it was just something to do to lose weight and to burn calories, but as I did it more often it just felt so good, it reminded me of how much I wanted to run track, but never did. To me running is something that you have to put your mind into, to run long distances, obtaining personal best times, while losing weight was an amazing feeling. I completed my first 5K which was The Color Run and from there I ran four more 5K's after that. 
I also coined my motto to be "Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable." Yes, I know people have heard it 1,000 times before I started to ever use it, but this stuck with me. It reminds me that when your comfortable with the workouts you do, or the life you live, you can't progress to become someone better if you're always doing the same thing. Uncomfortable, in my eyes is what makes you successful to go on and become a better person.

Now that I am looking at my journey, I realize it's NEVER over, there is always something I can do to improve myself, always something else to work on, always a new challenge to take on, always a reason to never give up and keep persevering.

To 2014 and more. I can't wait to see what this year has in store for me.