The Color Run: Entry Giveaway

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Yesterday I was browsing on Facebook and I came across a posting from The Color Run. It read “we just finished our x14 mantras for 2014. What do you think? Comment with your fav to win FREE entries to the race! More on the TCR super blog.” Check out their blog HERE!
 So I took a look at the picture and read their list of 14 mantras

And chose "Write down your goals," and commented with that as my answer on Facebook.

 I wanted to explain why I felt "Write down your goals" stood out to me and felt the most important. As you guys know I have been doing something called "Goals and Challenges" each month since October. At first I just thought it was another post, something else to talk about and to keep my readers interested, however I found it helpful. 

Writing down your goals holds you accountable on what you have and want to accomplish. Something as simple as writing down what you want to do can put your life in prospective and essentially keep you on track. 

The beginning of this year I decided I wanted to create a vision board. Now most people’s vision boards have a bunch of pictures that remind them of what they would like to achieve. My vision board has pictures and words, statements or sentences if you will. I wrote down everything I need and want to accomplish by the end of 2014. Every morning when I wake up, I read them and I tell myself "what can I do today, to get me one step closer to what I need to accomplish to be a better person tomorrow.” I did that because it just makes everything real, it’s more serious for me if I see things in words and not pictures. Pictures give me an impression of looking at a children's coloring book and my visions are far from a coloring book. However I am not saying that visions boards with solely pictures are useless, I am just stating that they don’t work for me.

There’s my reasoning for why I think "write down your goals" is important. Hopefully I do win this entry, because I absolutely love The Color Run races and it's something I know I’ll be doing every year. 

What do you find most important out of the 14 mantras? Comment and let me know what you think!