January Goals and Challenges!

5:09 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Hey guys! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, I surely did. But now that it's over its time to get back to business and make the this current year better than the last. So before I go into January's goal, let's review December. I made my goal of being 176lbs. Yes I'm still considering it a goal accomplished because I saw 176lbs on the scale. The .5 isn't something that I feel that's going to hinder me on my success. For the most part I did very well on not eating a bunch of sweets, on occasion I ate a half cup of ice cream or had a couple of cookies, but it wasn't anything overboard. I watched a Bob Harper DVD that I bought recently and learned some back workouts from that, so anytime I went to the gym I incorporated those into my strength/weight training workouts. Oh and that plank challenge? I honestly forgot about it and didn't even remember to start. 

Here's to January. I don't have much, actually I only have one this time, because January is the month I started my journey. I mean, I am going to try and pick up the plank challenge again and I'm sticking to not eating so much sweets, seeing as how that has helped me. 

So what's the one goal? 

1) Goal: 170lbs by January 21st - why? January 21st is the day I started this journey. I want my phase one goal to be completed by the end of this journey year. That would mean me being 40lbs down in a year. Have people lost more than that? Of course, but everyone's journey is different and I'm excited to just blast though this goal. Now if I don't make it by the 21st then it would just become an end of the most the goal, which is also fine with me. I promise February is going to be exciting, that January. But trust me when I say I have some great things ahead later on this month.