Back in the gym, training and annoyed!

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My oh my, how good did it feel to get back in the gym? It’s been weeks since I actually seen the gym, I’ve done a couple of DVD’s at home, but seriously it’s nothing like the gym. It was hard, I was sweating like water was poured on my head, but it was SO MUCH FUN! 

As you guys know, because I can’t shut up about it, I am training for my first Half Marathon, the Brooklyn Half, so the gym and this training is a MUST. 

Oh, I must mention this, one day I decided to work out with a man, just because I’m trying to open up and meet new people and make new friends right? So ever since that day anytime I go into the gym he’s always there and he says hi and gives me a smile and tries to figure out a way to get close to me, or workout next to me, but I can tell he doesn’t want to seem creepy. 

I walked into the gym, decided to change up my entire strength/weight routine and do a lot of what I saw from the Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 DVD and stayed away from most of the machines I used, but still used some. Don’t ask me what the workouts are called, but I know I did about 15 of them and then repeated it. After that I did about an hour of running, so here’s what my numbers looked like. 

Strength/weights on the left, running on the right. 

As I was working out on the gym floor, the man came over and says Hi, I say hi and I continue my business. Since I’ve seen him so often I know his routine, so I try to avoid him, because I don’t want me make conversation and I know he can tell that. And please don’t tell me “Oh he’s being friendly,” NO, I can tell when someone is being friendly and when someone wants to be on top of you and staring at you in the gym 24/7. Any who, since I know his routine, he does a lot of strength workouts, for about two hours and then gets on the treadmill, today him and I got at the gym around the same time. I did strength/weight training for about an hour and then went to run, he followed right behind me and hopped on the treadmill and got on the treadmill right next to mine, YES THERE WAS 1,000,000 others available (anyone who knows me knows I hate when someone takes the treadmill next to me unless you have to,) I would have gotten off and moved to another one, but I was so into an encore version of the Knicks vs. Celtics game I didn’t move. 

Am I over reacting? I probably am, but I just have personal space issues and I would rather someone come to me and say “hey lets go out,” rather than follow me around. 

But, never the less today was great, I can’t let this much time pass before the gym sees me again because I was feeling so out of shape.