Workout, pole dancing?

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Yesterday, I took a pole dancing class in the city. I was very hesitant in doing the class because I've done one before in January and I wasn't very good at it. But the instructor in January mentioned that "better shape" you're in the easier it becomes. 
I went into this thinking "well I surely don't have the same body type that I did in January, so maybe I'll have a chance" and I was correct. 

But the warm up was a workout in itself and that's an enjoyable moment for me. Every movement, muscle and limb that we warmed up was essential for becoming successful on that pole. 

It was still difficult because that's just not something I was comfortable with, but after doing it again I suddenly became comfortable and I’m ready to take another class. 

I tried to post my video here but I can’t find a way to do so. I have a video posted on my Instagram page if anyone is interested in seeing it. You can follow my Instagram at KyannaSimone :) 

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