One more for 2013!

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The last post of 2013! 

I hope everyone had a good year, at least for the most part. I know for me the year came with ups and downs. But nothing is ever done until you give up, that's when you've failed (at least to me it is.) 

Since its the last day of the year I thought it was best for me to share this with you guys. 

(I took the polish off my toes, so don't poke fun lol) 

You guys know how I feel about the .5lbs at the end of a number, BUT I am thankful that I see the 176lbs and that's good enough for me to end this year. 

Anyway, 2013 you will be missed. I've started my journey, started this blog, made new fitness friends and all around living a better and healthier lifestyle. I'm ready for 2014, I'm ready for the challenges, BRING IT ON! Because its only going to make me stronger. I started my love for running in 2013, ran my first 5K and several after that. And I'm now determined to run a 10K and even a half marathon! Shhh, don't tell anyone. I've lost 34lbs since I've started my journey, my body is changing and becoming the body I know it can and WILL be. So 2014, doesn't scare me. 

But before I go, let me just leave a few things here for you. 

1) In 2014 I'll be launching my solely FITNESS based Instagram page at SlimIntoONEderland - so of you get the chance please follow! I would love to take a lot of tips on there as well and it's a way to get to know you guys better.

2) I have a personal blog also launching in 2014 at this blog will take you inside my personal life, as well as my passion for becoming a television producer (and the occasional review of television shows) so if you have a favorite show and want to talk about it, that's the place to do it. 

3) January 21,2014 makes a year since I started my journey to ONEderland and I have a serious goal planned for that date, however my BIRTHDAY is four days before that, so that's another challenge in itself. 

So thats it, see you in 2014!