Good News for December!

11:36 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Happy Sunday and happy December 1st

So, I was curious about the “Thanksgiving calories” I put on and I decided to weigh myself on Saturday. I mean I was going to wait until Thursday, but I kind of wanted to get the feel of what I was working with coming into December so I can know what to target and how to set up my goals and challenges. 

This is what I saw. (Don't mind my toes, swimming did that)

I can’t believe it, back at 179lbs! I don’t know what I can attribute this loss to. You guys know how frustrated I was with being stuck at 181.5lbs and I just didn’t know what to do anymore so I tried to incorporate everything I needed. 

I have upped my strength and weight training workouts at the gym and now have a fun circuit for me to do that usually takes me 45 minutes for me to complete on top of my running that I do already. So I think that’s helping. 

Either way, I’m very excited and proud of myself and now have a realistic goal for December. I just need to keep working on clean eating.