December Goals and Challenges

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I am six days late but better late than never. Time for my December goals and challenges, but not without my November recap: 

Last month I was supposed to complete my first Turkey Trot and that didn’t happen because it was over capacity. I was supposed to at least be 175lbs and that didn’t happen due to an over load of sweets and lastly, I needed to focus more on my arms and back which I did a lot of work on my arms but I am still struggling to find back workouts. 

Here’s to December and what I would like to accomplish:

1)      Goal: 176lbs – I just recently got back down to 179lbs after being stuck at 181.5lbs for the past month. Last month I said I wanted to be 175lbs but I just want to try and stay small and just lose three pounds. If I exceed that, then that’s great. The goal is just to hit 176lbs.

2)      Challenge: Eat less/drink sweets – This goes for candy, frozen yogurt, juice etc. This sweet tooth of mine has got to go until I find a better way to control it. I don’t even want to think about eating/drinking any of that,  because right now I just can’t control it, not even on cheat days. Maybe that sounds excessive to some, but for me right now it’s necessary. For this month, I’m just cutting that extra garbage out. 

3)      Goal: Back workouts – If anyone knows of anything I can do I would appreciate it and how to apply them to my routine. I know I’ve gotten some suggestions before but I need to hear them again so I can put them to use. 

4)      Challenge: Plank Challenge – My mother and I have decided to do a plank challenge this month. However I’m doing it more than she is, so I don’t know how helpful that is. But I’m trying to motivate her to finally start it. 

I really would like to end the year on a positive note. I would like to complete one if not everything on this list. I don’t want this month to be like last month where I just feel like I completely failed everything.