About Me

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25 year old from Brooklyn, NY trying to Run The World. 33 pounds ago I decided that it was time to put my health first. I was overweight, borderline diabetic and no longer wanted to pity myself when I stared at my reflection. So I did something about it and with the help of friends I got to where I am today, a runner who has dreams of becoming a personal trainer, a nutritionist and a run coach. 

Today I've realized that I want to help others just how others have helped me. Most people have a misconception of what fitness is, of what living a healthy lifestyle is and I want to be the one to guide them in the proper direction. "Each one, teach one" is what I learned growing up. "Each one, teach many" is what I plan to do. 

On this blog you will be able to find workouts, my current training plan, snacks, recipes and many more. I want people to be able to use my blog as a reference on starting or maintaining their healthy lifestyle. Life is all about finding a balance, so finding a balance between eating to live and living to eat is what the goal is. 

Currently I've ran several 5K, 10K and two half marathons. Seriously this running sport is taking over my life. I'm currently training for the United Airlines NYC Half in 2015 and will be spending that year qualifying to run the TCS NYC Marathon in 2016. 

While doing that, I also want to travel the 50 states and complete several half marathons. One day I want to be able to say that I've ran America and then The World. I mean this isn't anything new, people have been doing this for years but I would also like to put my name on the list. 

My favorite color is purple, I love to dance and swim. I don't have many people close to me but the people who are I consider them to be the best. Shopping and taking pictures are also apart of the many things like I to do. Several of my pictures have my tongue sticking out (my signature) I hate buses, disrespectful people and avocado! My stomach just cannot tolerate it. 

I'm very silly and love to play around. Arcades are my best friends, actually they need to be my enemy because I can blow money easily in them. I like the word "babygirl," it's so cute to me. Painting my nails is my life, I hate the way my nails look without any polish on them because they look boring. Annnnnnnnnd I think we should be friends.