Black Friday Deal!

12:48 AM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! Did anyone go shopping on Black Friday? I did, but it was for one thing only. Sneakers! 

Yes folks I said sneakers. My old pair I've had since April and I always hear, "every six months you have to get new sneakers" but I really don't like to follow that rule and I wait until my feet get that heavy feeling and my knees start to hurt. (which oddly enough was about the six month mark) So I knew it was time to hunt. 

Jackrabbit sent me an email stating of a sale that was taking place at their Upper West Side location starting at 9AM. So of course I went out there to see if I could find the sneakers I wanted because the sale was $50 for one pair and $75 for two, no such luck for me finding the sneakers, but they did have it at regular price for $120 and I knew I seen it somewhere else for cheaper. 

That place was Macy's, where I ended up buying the same exact sneaker for $79! I was somewhat disappointed because I really wanted to get these sneakers in a different color at the least, but the same sneaker isn't bad neither. 

My NEW Asics GT-2000.. 

They feel amazing! I feel taller! I've already put a couple of miles on them to break them in. This leave my sneaker problem, HANDLED!