One more for 2013!

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The last post of 2013! 

I hope everyone had a good year, at least for the most part. I know for me the year came with ups and downs. But nothing is ever done until you give up, that's when you've failed (at least to me it is.) 

Since its the last day of the year I thought it was best for me to share this with you guys. 

(I took the polish off my toes, so don't poke fun lol) 

You guys know how I feel about the .5lbs at the end of a number, BUT I am thankful that I see the 176lbs and that's good enough for me to end this year. 

Anyway, 2013 you will be missed. I've started my journey, started this blog, made new fitness friends and all around living a better and healthier lifestyle. I'm ready for 2014, I'm ready for the challenges, BRING IT ON! Because its only going to make me stronger. I started my love for running in 2013, ran my first 5K and several after that. And I'm now determined to run a 10K and even a half marathon! Shhh, don't tell anyone. I've lost 34lbs since I've started my journey, my body is changing and becoming the body I know it can and WILL be. So 2014, doesn't scare me. 

But before I go, let me just leave a few things here for you. 

1) In 2014 I'll be launching my solely FITNESS based Instagram page at SlimIntoONEderland - so of you get the chance please follow! I would love to take a lot of tips on there as well and it's a way to get to know you guys better.

2) I have a personal blog also launching in 2014 at this blog will take you inside my personal life, as well as my passion for becoming a television producer (and the occasional review of television shows) so if you have a favorite show and want to talk about it, that's the place to do it. 

3) January 21,2014 makes a year since I started my journey to ONEderland and I have a serious goal planned for that date, however my BIRTHDAY is four days before that, so that's another challenge in itself. 

So thats it, see you in 2014! 


Happy Weigh-in Holidays

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Happy Holidays everyone! 

I hope everyone who celebrated Christmas (or any other holiday) enjoyed themselves. I did, I went to spend time with my family in Bushwick and it was peaceful. I'm glad I made the decision join them for the holidays. I didn't over indulge so I'm happy for that. I’m just ready to stay on track. 

I missed last week’s weigh-in and I’m a day late for this week’s weigh-in so it's only fair I come in and reveal the truth. 

You see that right? That is 177lbs! 177lbs! I don’t understand I am really at a loss for words. I truly believe I can make my goal by the end of the month. I’m so proud of myself and I can’t wait until next month to make a new goal to obtain.
I mentioned if the scale continues to go in the right direction I would share my routine and that's what I'm going to do. 

So, you guys know that I've been increasing my strength/weight training immensely. When I entered the gym I always did my cardio first and then my strength.  However! What I just learned (most of you might know this already) is to do the strength/weight training first and then proceed with cardio. You just burn more calories this way! I wouldn’t have guess that reversing the order of doing workouts would make a difference on how much calories you burn.

I wish I would have remembered to take a picture of the comparison but I didn’t. This is completely observation and this is a proven fact. So, I love seeing the scale move in the right direction. 

The only issue I have with this method is my cardio consist of running, so after I complete my three sets of strength/weight training I am so exhausted to run that I only get a 20 or 30 minute run and I hate it. So it looks like I need to find a new cardio workout to do on the days I do my strength/weight training. Maybe I’ll start jumping rope. 

Was that new information to some of you? Or did you guys already know and I’m just late to the game? 



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UnitedNYC Half: 3:17:05

UnitedNYC Half: 3:13:03
April Fools Half: 3:03:01
Brooklyn Half: 2:58:51
UAE Healthy Kidney: 1:24:45
Mini Oakley 10K: 1:26:24
Queens 10K: X.XX.XX (Queens 10K)
5 Mile Pride Run: 1:08:39
5 Mile Achilles Hope & Possibility: 1:17:11
France Run 8K: 1:01:16
5th Ave Mile: 9:03
Run10Feed10: 1:19:34
Bronx 10 Mile: 2:08:11
Diva's Half Marathon: 2:56:19
Staten Island Half: 3:25:19

Brooklyn Half: 3:02:59
Queens 10K: 1:19:20
The Color Run: 37:01
Bronx 10 Mile: 2:09:14
Staten Island Half: 2:53:40
Turkey Trot: 1:04:44

The Color Run: 43:17
Electric Run: 41:40
Fit for All 5K: 37:07
Firefly Run: 45:05

About Me

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25 year old from Brooklyn, NY trying to Run The World. 33 pounds ago I decided that it was time to put my health first. I was overweight, borderline diabetic and no longer wanted to pity myself when I stared at my reflection. So I did something about it and with the help of friends I got to where I am today, a runner who has dreams of becoming a personal trainer, a nutritionist and a run coach. 

Today I've realized that I want to help others just how others have helped me. Most people have a misconception of what fitness is, of what living a healthy lifestyle is and I want to be the one to guide them in the proper direction. "Each one, teach one" is what I learned growing up. "Each one, teach many" is what I plan to do. 

On this blog you will be able to find workouts, my current training plan, snacks, recipes and many more. I want people to be able to use my blog as a reference on starting or maintaining their healthy lifestyle. Life is all about finding a balance, so finding a balance between eating to live and living to eat is what the goal is. 

Currently I've ran several 5K, 10K and two half marathons. Seriously this running sport is taking over my life. I'm currently training for the United Airlines NYC Half in 2015 and will be spending that year qualifying to run the TCS NYC Marathon in 2016. 

While doing that, I also want to travel the 50 states and complete several half marathons. One day I want to be able to say that I've ran America and then The World. I mean this isn't anything new, people have been doing this for years but I would also like to put my name on the list. 

My favorite color is purple, I love to dance and swim. I don't have many people close to me but the people who are I consider them to be the best. Shopping and taking pictures are also apart of the many things like I to do. Several of my pictures have my tongue sticking out (my signature) I hate buses, disrespectful people and avocado! My stomach just cannot tolerate it. 

I'm very silly and love to play around. Arcades are my best friends, actually they need to be my enemy because I can blow money easily in them. I like the word "babygirl," it's so cute to me. Painting my nails is my life, I hate the way my nails look without any polish on them because they look boring. Annnnnnnnnd I think we should be friends.

Snow and Swimming?

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Hey Everyone! 

I’m at home and I'm snowed in, not really snowed in, but just check this out. 

Now I know it doesn’t look like much, (this is from my apartment) however it was snowing constantly for about two hours prior to this picture, so I’m not sure what the streets and roadways look like now. Also, living in NYC when it snows like this, it usually means that subways are buses are delayed, so the 20 minutes that it takes you to get from point A to B is now going to take you 45 minutes. 

Any who, I had planned to go swimming with a couple of friends today and I still would like to go. But I’m not sure if they are going to go, which makes me weary of going alone. This brings up another problem I have. 


Don’t get me wrong, I love swimming and it’s one of those calming feelings of just being in the water and moving. But just the thought of swimming, in a pool, without knowing anyone is weird and eerie.
I used to feel the same way about the gym and I’ve gotten over that and now I love going to the gym by myself, but this pool thing, I can’t shake. So I’m challenging myself to go at least once alone, no friends, no family, just me before this year is over. Hopefully I can break this cycle I have so I can swim more and anytime I want to without having to wait for someone. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I could really use them. 


Workout, pole dancing?

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Pole Picture of the Day: "Smokin" with Bad kitty Brand Director Karol Helms showing off the new White Hot PoleFit® Brazil Shorts and Bondage Top =^.^=  Rocked the new white Brazil's today @ShineAlternativeFitness Theyre so white hot I think I started a fire! @Bad Kitty #badkittypride #polelife #poledance #sexy #polefit — at Shine Fitness.
Yesterday, I took a pole dancing class in the city. I was very hesitant in doing the class because I've done one before in January and I wasn't very good at it. But the instructor in January mentioned that "better shape" you're in the easier it becomes. 
I went into this thinking "well I surely don't have the same body type that I did in January, so maybe I'll have a chance" and I was correct. 

But the warm up was a workout in itself and that's an enjoyable moment for me. Every movement, muscle and limb that we warmed up was essential for becoming successful on that pole. 

It was still difficult because that's just not something I was comfortable with, but after doing it again I suddenly became comfortable and I’m ready to take another class. 

I tried to post my video here but I can’t find a way to do so. I have a video posted on my Instagram page if anyone is interested in seeing it. You can follow my Instagram at KyannaSimone :) 

Tell me what you think; I would love to hear your feedback. 


Weigh-In Thursdays!

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Good News all around. I'm very excited and think I’ve found the secret for the scale to move in the right direction. So, if I see the same trend next week I’ll certainly let you guys know what I’ve been doing. But here it is…

That says 178.5lbs. Honestly in my mind, I am just seeing 178lbs I know that’s not what the scale says but that’s what I’m seeing and it feels great. We’re in the middle of December now and I am hoping I make my goal. If I don’t make it, it won’t stop me from trying again, but I would just love to make it this time around. 

December Goals and Challenges

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I am six days late but better late than never. Time for my December goals and challenges, but not without my November recap: 

Last month I was supposed to complete my first Turkey Trot and that didn’t happen because it was over capacity. I was supposed to at least be 175lbs and that didn’t happen due to an over load of sweets and lastly, I needed to focus more on my arms and back which I did a lot of work on my arms but I am still struggling to find back workouts. 

Here’s to December and what I would like to accomplish:

1)      Goal: 176lbs – I just recently got back down to 179lbs after being stuck at 181.5lbs for the past month. Last month I said I wanted to be 175lbs but I just want to try and stay small and just lose three pounds. If I exceed that, then that’s great. The goal is just to hit 176lbs.

2)      Challenge: Eat less/drink sweets – This goes for candy, frozen yogurt, juice etc. This sweet tooth of mine has got to go until I find a better way to control it. I don’t even want to think about eating/drinking any of that,  because right now I just can’t control it, not even on cheat days. Maybe that sounds excessive to some, but for me right now it’s necessary. For this month, I’m just cutting that extra garbage out. 

3)      Goal: Back workouts – If anyone knows of anything I can do I would appreciate it and how to apply them to my routine. I know I’ve gotten some suggestions before but I need to hear them again so I can put them to use. 

4)      Challenge: Plank Challenge – My mother and I have decided to do a plank challenge this month. However I’m doing it more than she is, so I don’t know how helpful that is. But I’m trying to motivate her to finally start it. 

I really would like to end the year on a positive note. I would like to complete one if not everything on this list. I don’t want this month to be like last month where I just feel like I completely failed everything.