Where is my energy?

11:48 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

What I'm saying is that lately I've been very tired and I find myself tossing and turning in my sleep or just not getting enough sleep. When I wake up, I 'm still tired and more than half of the time I'm looking to crawl back into bed to gain extra sleep. 

I've even found it hard for me to head to the gym. I mean I still do it, but it just feels forced and I don't like that feeling. The feeling of not enjoying your workout and just wanted to run out of the gym.

I don't know where this wave of "tiredness" is coming from, but I need it to leave my body and quickly, I'm a person who is full of energy, so I'm just annoyed at this feeling. 

Oh, I'm sorry about not doing a weigh-in post. But I am still 181.5 so nothing has changed. I've eaten a whole bunch of crap these last two days. But I'm trying something out this weekend and hopefully it can jump start my body back into the weight loss, fat burning machine I know it can be. 

But does anyone know what this could be or why I am feeling this way? I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how to combat this.