Weigh-In Thursdays!

11:41 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Alright, first Thursday in November and guess what, it’s true what they say you know. You can’t eat sweets all the time, you will gain weight! 

Yes, yes yes 2lbs. Why? Well let me break it down for you guys. My favorite frozen yogurt shop is Pinkberry. There isn’t one in my area, however there is a Pinkberry at EVERY doctors office I go to, (physical therapist, sports medicine, physician) so that is a problem. I see the PT twice a week, which means twice a week I go to Pinkberry. However I’ve done that routine for about two weeks now and I was still dropping at least a pound a week. 

This week however was different as I indulged in everything I could, Pinkberry on Monday, handful of candy on Tuesday, as well as cake and ice cream on Wednesday. So there goes my two pound increase. 

But this is a good thing and I say that because I am now aware of how much I’ve been eating and the consequences. I was usually very good at only having one “sweet treat” a week, but Pinkberry throws that rule out the window and suddenly I don’t give a damn. 

I am going to be better at this and learn to control myself, because this addiction I have to Pinkberry is serious.