Turkey Trot

11:58 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Man oh man am I upset! Why? Because I can't do the 2013 Turkey Trot this year in Prospect Park. 

Let me tell you guys how this played out. On Thursday, November 14th I decided I was going to register for the Turkey Trot when I came home from work. 

I walk in my house and did everything but that. Around 5PM I decided to power up my iPad and register. This is what I saw.. 

Sigh, I think this was a sign telling me that I wasn't ready? I mean I don't know. I know I've been working on my hamstring injury and it's been feeling a lot better. But maybe this wasn't for me just yet. I've even tried looking for other Turkey Trots in the tri-state area, but no luck. 

So next year, I know I have to register earlier! Until then, I'm just going to look for other races to do, you know, as well as workout!