November goals and challenges

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Happy November,

Since this is the beginning of a new month, it means new goals and challenges for me! I found that setting goals and challenges worked for me last month so I figure, let’s do it again! 

Last month’s recap: I said I was going to take part in a wall sit challenge, that didn't happen and I will not continue that into this month. I met my challenge of running two 5Ks in one day and I met my goal of being 180lbs by the end of the month. 

Here's to November and here's what I would like to accomplish. 

1) Goal/Challenge: Turkey Trot - I have this listed as a goal and a challenge because this race will be my first time doing a 5 mile race however, due to my recovery of my hamstring it will also be a challenge and I'm not sure if I can run that kind of race so soon. But it takes place on Thanksgiving Day and starts fairly early so if family decide to do something for thanksgiving, I'll be home for that. 

2) Goal: 175lbs - I figured to be 175lbs by the end of this month is a decent weight to be.  Of course I'll be incorporating a lot of strength and weight training from now on. That is needed to obtain where I would like to be. Besides I saw losing four pounds worked for me in October, so I'm hoping for the same in November. 

3) Goal: Arms and Back - Yes folks, both my arms and back need some toning up. I see other parts of my body taking form, but my arms and back are NOT getting results.  That's because I don't do enough work on them enough, but that ends now. 

I’m trying to put together an “at home” workout that would be easy to complete but challenge to do, (if that makes sense.) Hopefully I can get a routine going by the end of the week so I can get started. 

But if anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it!