Happy Thanksgiving!

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I just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I know everyone is spending time with their families or however you decided to spend this day and that's great! 

Me? I'm with my mother and that's it. I'm happy it's just her and I this year. I wasn't interested in seeing or hearing from anyone and I got my wish so I'm thankful. 


I love Subway!

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I never knew how good Subway could be, (I say this as I watch The Biggest Loser) but I mean I knew it was healthier than McDonalds, Burger King and other fast food places, but the taste of Subway is amazing. But here’s where I truly fell in love with Subway. 
When I started my journey, I always ate Subway sandwiches but It was always a foot long Italian BMT (salami, ham and pepperoni) on wheat bread with spinach, tomatoes, green peppers, american cheese, onions, banana peppers and chipotle sauce. So, essentially I’ve been eating 1,090 calories (according to the subway website) daily, thinking “I was so healthy” and “making the right decisions” It was better than eating from other restaurants, but it wasn’t the best choice.

Since then, I’ve learned from my mistakes and have actually taken heed from my friend/trainer and modified my choices when I walk into Subway. I know I can still make my “go to sandwich” a bit healthier but I like what I’ve come to like. 

My sandwich now consists of ham and turkey with spinach, tomatoes, banana peppers, green peppers, onions and chipotle sauce. Oh six inch of course and only 380 calories. It’s something about the sauce that I can’t cut out just yet and I know that’s adding a lot of calories towards my sandwich, but I’ll find a way soon. 

I guess I just wanted to share this with people because I know it’s hard to find something to eat when you’re always on the go like me. Hoping I can find some where else out there or I’ll just start prepping meals. 


Weigh-In Thursdays!

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Listen here, I really had to sit down and reevaluate everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. Eating habits, sleeping patterns, workout routines, progress, or maybe lack thereof, Time of Month, (sorry men and potential females who necessarily could have gone without that piece of information) nutrition and water intake. I looked at everything and a lot of it made sense of why I am maintaining weight. Don’t get me wrong I love seeing my muscles coming in and the changes in my body, but I still would like to drop these numbers.

I changed my nutrition and added something about two weeks ago and that’s why I was always tired and gain these few pounds, since then I completely nixed it out and I'm trying to find another way to use it (product coming in later post.) 

Everyone mentions that you need to drink half of your body weight in water, to me this seems like a lot, but I am trying to increase my intake by 8 -12 cups a day. But I think I’m holding on to a lot of water because of TOM (again sorry) but we’ll see after this passes. 

I’m trying to get 6 – 8 hours of sleep at decent hours not 1AM in the morning, that doesn’t help. And I’ve been lifting a lot of weights lately and have become really proud of myself, because I thought I was a “machine” person, but I was lifting weights last night with my friend and I felt AMAZING, so this might be a new thing. And I need to increase workouts once again, my body might bet getting used to what I do. 

Is it safe to say I’m not going to make this goal of 175lbs? I think it’s safe to say.  Let’s hope things change. 


Turkey Trot

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Man oh man am I upset! Why? Because I can't do the 2013 Turkey Trot this year in Prospect Park. 

Let me tell you guys how this played out. On Thursday, November 14th I decided I was going to register for the Turkey Trot when I came home from work. 

I walk in my house and did everything but that. Around 5PM I decided to power up my iPad and register. This is what I saw.. 

Sigh, I think this was a sign telling me that I wasn't ready? I mean I don't know. I know I've been working on my hamstring injury and it's been feeling a lot better. But maybe this wasn't for me just yet. I've even tried looking for other Turkey Trots in the tri-state area, but no luck. 

So next year, I know I have to register earlier! Until then, I'm just going to look for other races to do, you know, as well as workout! 


Where is my energy?

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What I'm saying is that lately I've been very tired and I find myself tossing and turning in my sleep or just not getting enough sleep. When I wake up, I 'm still tired and more than half of the time I'm looking to crawl back into bed to gain extra sleep. 

I've even found it hard for me to head to the gym. I mean I still do it, but it just feels forced and I don't like that feeling. The feeling of not enjoying your workout and just wanted to run out of the gym.

I don't know where this wave of "tiredness" is coming from, but I need it to leave my body and quickly, I'm a person who is full of energy, so I'm just annoyed at this feeling. 

Oh, I'm sorry about not doing a weigh-in post. But I am still 181.5 so nothing has changed. I've eaten a whole bunch of crap these last two days. But I'm trying something out this weekend and hopefully it can jump start my body back into the weight loss, fat burning machine I know it can be. 

But does anyone know what this could be or why I am feeling this way? I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how to combat this. 


Weigh-In Thursdays!

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Alright, first Thursday in November and guess what, it’s true what they say you know. You can’t eat sweets all the time, you will gain weight! 

Yes, yes yes 2lbs. Why? Well let me break it down for you guys. My favorite frozen yogurt shop is Pinkberry. There isn’t one in my area, however there is a Pinkberry at EVERY doctors office I go to, (physical therapist, sports medicine, physician) so that is a problem. I see the PT twice a week, which means twice a week I go to Pinkberry. However I’ve done that routine for about two weeks now and I was still dropping at least a pound a week. 

This week however was different as I indulged in everything I could, Pinkberry on Monday, handful of candy on Tuesday, as well as cake and ice cream on Wednesday. So there goes my two pound increase. 

But this is a good thing and I say that because I am now aware of how much I’ve been eating and the consequences. I was usually very good at only having one “sweet treat” a week, but Pinkberry throws that rule out the window and suddenly I don’t give a damn. 

I am going to be better at this and learn to control myself, because this addiction I have to Pinkberry is serious. 


November goals and challenges

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Happy November,

Since this is the beginning of a new month, it means new goals and challenges for me! I found that setting goals and challenges worked for me last month so I figure, let’s do it again! 

Last month’s recap: I said I was going to take part in a wall sit challenge, that didn't happen and I will not continue that into this month. I met my challenge of running two 5Ks in one day and I met my goal of being 180lbs by the end of the month. 

Here's to November and here's what I would like to accomplish. 

1) Goal/Challenge: Turkey Trot - I have this listed as a goal and a challenge because this race will be my first time doing a 5 mile race however, due to my recovery of my hamstring it will also be a challenge and I'm not sure if I can run that kind of race so soon. But it takes place on Thanksgiving Day and starts fairly early so if family decide to do something for thanksgiving, I'll be home for that. 

2) Goal: 175lbs - I figured to be 175lbs by the end of this month is a decent weight to be.  Of course I'll be incorporating a lot of strength and weight training from now on. That is needed to obtain where I would like to be. Besides I saw losing four pounds worked for me in October, so I'm hoping for the same in November. 

3) Goal: Arms and Back - Yes folks, both my arms and back need some toning up. I see other parts of my body taking form, but my arms and back are NOT getting results.  That's because I don't do enough work on them enough, but that ends now. 

I’m trying to put together an “at home” workout that would be easy to complete but challenge to do, (if that makes sense.) Hopefully I can get a routine going by the end of the week so I can get started. 

But if anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it! 


Weigh-In Thursdays!

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Happy Halloween everyone! 

Happy last Thursday in October! So we all know that its weigh in Thursdays and it’s time to get on with the results! 

Out of the 180’s and officially made it into 170 land, go me! I seriously thought I wasn’t going to make pass the 180 mark this week because of my eating, I’ve gotten better, but not where I need to be.
I think what pushed to obtain that 179lbs was my workout on Tuesday. No seriously, I haven’t been working out for two weeks and now I worked out on one day and BOOM, I lost a pound. That’s the kind of progress I like. So, I can only move downward on the scale from here. 

I’m very close to making my first goal of being 170lbs, and I’m very excited. I’m going to be very cliché and say “I don’t remember the last time I was 170lbs” but it’s true, I don’t remember the last time I was in the 170’s. 

Any who, I’m very happy that I’ve reached this mark and you guys know it doesn’t stop here and it doesn’t stop at 170lbs neither, this is a journey for life and I’m going to make the best of it and enjoy it to the fullest. 


PS: I started writing this post on Thursday, however it’s being posted on a Friday because it’s 12:49AM.