You're what size now?

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So many things have been going on, that I almost forgot to tell you guys about my good news. I know a couple of post ago, I mentioned it, but now I'm finally getting around to it. 

But I guess it would help if I gave you guys some background. When I started my journey I was a size 16 in jeans/pants and in between 1X and 2X in shirts (women's) at the time, I didn't find anything wrong with it, because I was comfortable in buying clothes that I loved. But when I started I realized I only shopped at one store and generally speaking all my clothes looked the same. So it was time for a change. 

What's my good news? 

I am officially a size 12 in jeans/pants and a small in men shirts/large in women's! Whoop whoop. 

Apart of me didn't realize when I start this journey I would have to buy new clothes and constantly begging for things to fit, but here I am. I've turned into a girl who love to wear jeans and dresses to now wearing compression tights all the time and now have to take clothes out of my mothers closet. 

I think this phase will pass as soon as I find out where to shop and what to buy. For now I'm just on the quest to find a pair of sneakers to "look fly" in. 

But I don't have a specific jean/pants number that I want to be, that will come when I'm at the body I would like to be. So for now, I'm enjoying my size 12 body and taking it for what it is. Size 12!