Weigh-In Thursdays!

11:43 AM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

It’s Thursday and we all know it’s that’s time. Weigh-in day!!! So how is this week looking you might ask? Check it out for yourself! 

*Toes still look weird lol.

Yay me! Lost that .5lb and officially 181lbs. I’m actually happy about this small loss because I hate to see .5lbs in a number, don’t ask why, but it’s just one of those annoying things that get to me, “Oh you could have been 181lbs, but that .5lb was stopping you” I mean that’s how I think of the .5 but none the less it’s a loss in the right direction. 

Another good thing, I am close to my goal of being 180lbs before this month is over. I have a couple of weeks before the month is over, so a lot can happen in that time frame, but I always hope for the best. 
Until next time!