Weekly Confessions #9

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Happy October everyone! It came so fast this time around, or maybe it’s just me. Either way, still have a Happy October. So, let’s let me just start confessing my eating last week. To tell you the truth, I don’t even remember half the things I ate, I smell trouble!

Friday, Looking at this post now, dinner should not read ground turkey. I just had turkey bacon and egg whites.

So I must say that four days are better than seven, but still not the expectations I have for the week to be. I’m unsure of why this week was poor, but I know the “chicken nugget” days were just quick eating and hanging out with friends.
So I treat every week as a new week and I don’t like to dwell on the previous week so much, I learn from it and move on, focus on the positive, that’s the only way this is going to work, that’s the only way this journey is going to work. So, let’s move on.

I’m back at 184lbs, so that’s two pounds lost, I don’t know how, but between last week and this week, I saw the drop off, so I’m happy.

Oh, I almost forgot, those September challenges I started, here’s how I did.

Everything crossed out is what I completed and what isn’t cross out I didn’t do. I didn’t complete the entire month, but it’s better than the last time I attempted a challenge. I didn’t finish due to me being somewhat unmotivated to finish and having two different abs challenges, should have just stuck with one. I know my lesson for next time.

Until next week!