Weekly Confessions #11

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Hey there! How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is well. Me? I’m alright, not the worst but not the best, all I can do is live daily and make the best of life right? Exactly. 

Well I think a lot of last week was a mixture of cravings, not having what I wanted to eat or just too lazy to cook. However I’m getting better, I’m cutting down days little by little and this week was only three days to talk about, YAY! Slow progress is better than no progress. 

Thursday, McDonalds SMH!

Friday, Hot Pocket it wasn't even all that great!

Saturday, Beef patty and Chinese food.

If you’re wondering why these screenshots look different from the previous My Fitness Pal update is because I updated the app to iOS7 and tada, there you have it. However I hate it. 

Anyway, I really happy right now, because I have started to train for a 10K!! Can I get some applause please? Why am I happy about this? Because I NEVER thought I would be doing anything past a 5K, hell I never thought I would be running, but here I am, running my life away and taking it on as a hobby. 

Well, the race that I’m training for is The Turkey Trot, it’s on Thanksgiving Day and I believe it’s in Brooklyn, NY, (don’t quote me on that) a friend of mine told me about this last month, but she’s not sure if she’s going to do it as of yet, but that doesn’t me I can’t train for it right?

Going to a sports doctor tomorrow to see what's going on with my leg, apparently those pills my "doctor" prescribed to me didn't help and the problem is bigger than that, so to a sports doctor I go. Wish me luck!

Oh, I have more good news, not running or working out related, but personal news. But ill share that in another post.