Weekly Confessions #10

11:42 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Last week was a roller coaster, well somewhat. I started off decent and then October 3rd my friend came to NYC to visit and it was also the premiere of Scandal season 3, so of course that called for a detour in my eating. Then the weekend I tried to compensate by eating sushi, however that didn’t make up for everything else and you know it was my big weekend with my runs and all of that, any who still doesn’t excuse the eating. 

Monday, Lunchables (these will be the death of me)

Thursday, that pizza.

Friday, those chicken nuggets, fried chicken, waffle and drink!

Saturday, that quick burger from Burger King before I took my nap.

I’ve been making sure I drink at least six glasses of water a day, (even though the recommended is eight) but it’s hard, I like sweets, I like sugar, I just like to drink sugary drinks with my meals. Practice makes perfect huh? 


PS: Sadly, with everything going on I did NOT start that wall sit challenge. Is it safe for me just to start it now? Or scrap it until next month?