Two 5Ks on 10/5/13

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Two 5K’s in one day? How did that go? Well let me tell you!

First Race: Fit for All 5K 

I PR/PB baby! Oh, yes I did 37:07 is the Official time, recorded on the clock, check it out here!

This race was started at 9AM and it took place at Riverside Park in NYC. I was particularly excited for this one because I’ve never done a race/run in a park before and it was a different course then what I am used to (Aviator Sports.) This course made a loop towards one end of the park and then you hit mile one, ran  towards the other end of the park and then it was mile two, however mile two had a dip, so what goes down came back up and yes, it was a hill! Ladies and gentleman, I am officially practicing hills tomorrow. Then, for mile three you had to go back up and complete the same loop that you completed for mile one and then head to the finish line. Oh, did I mention that I was in wave A, the “competitors/ timed group” I felt important, ha, But I enjoyed myself, my friend and mother came to support me, but once I was done we dashed out of there.

I would love to do this again next year, I love the fact that it was timed and it was official and I had to “claim my time.” It was that rush feeling of “I am a runner,” but that’s a different topic. 

My friend and I before the race.
Stretching and getting in some squats.
Me before the race.

I stopped to get something to eat, went home and slept for three hours and got ready to leave for the Firefly Run.

Second Race: Firefly Run

Okay, let me start by saying that I will not do this run again, not even if it was free. Why? 

The event took place at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY. Although I live in Brooklyn, I am not in Prospect Park all the time, so needless to say the race start was a challenge to find and took 30 minutes to do so. Once my friend and I found the start, it was just like a traditional start line, (I’m not really used to that) no announcers, no host, no anything really. It was a waiting game until someone decided to count us down 15 minutes later, and then we took off.

Start line.

Pitch dark, no lights on the course but the street lamps and the other runners with small lights around their bodies. Poor excuse for a water station, (had to wait for the water to be poured out of a bottle) no excitement, energy was very low and it seemed as if people were too focused on just being over and done with the run, how I was. 

I didn’t really care for how I did on this run, only because I was annoyed in the beginning with not being able to easily find the start and how disinterested others were. I just ran to run and finished at a time of 45:05, plus I was thinking about sushi, since that was my dinner for the night.
Once I hit the finish line, I immediately found my friend and we got out of there, since we were so deep in the park it took another half mile to get out of the park and find the nearest train station and we made our way home. 

Again, sadly I would not do this again, maybe a re-vamp of the course and I’ll consider it, but as for now, the answer is a solid No.