My gym essentials

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Happy Sunday, 
And happy last week of October. 

Since I'm currently doing physical therapy (PT) of course I haven't been to the gym in almost two weeks. However I still walk with my gym bag and all its essentials, simply because when I get into the gym again I don't want to leave anything at home. 

So what are my gym essentials and why do I travel with them? 

1) Water - To keep hydrated.
2) Headphones - I have my own music I like to work out to; the gym music doesn't cut it for me.
3) Swim cap - For when I go swimming. 
4) Goggles - I like to see where I'm going when I swim.
5) Wash cloth - I'm a person that sweats a lot, however I don't like to stay sweaty. 
6) Undergarments - Going home in sweaty undergarments? Yuck, (I have a long commute.) 
7) Wallet - Money, id, health insurance card. 
8) Lock & Key - So I can store my belongings in the locker. 
9) Phone charger - For those days where I have let me phone die and the only place to charge it is at the gym, (then I have to listen to crappy gym music.) 
10) Arm band - While I'm running, I can track my progress, (Nike+ running app.)
11) Pen - You never know when you need to write something. 
12) Lotion - I don't like to be ashy. 
13) Hand Sanitizer - Because everything in the gym is so "clean." 
14) Change of shirt - Again, because I don't like to go home sweaty. 
15) Chap stick/lip balm - I don't like my lips to be chapped. 

*I usually carry a plastic bag with me to put the sweaty clothes in but I ran out. 

What do you take to the gym with you or what are your favorite items? I would love to hear about them!