Goals and Challenges

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Some point between last week and this week I thought it’s time to set some goals for myself and some challenges also, well just a couple but I know I wanted to make October a strong month for myself and you should too. These goals are aside from the bigger picture; sometimes people need smaller goals to help them take strides to the final product. This is where I am now, taking smaller strides for the final product.

My Goals and challenges list, fairly short:

1)      Challenge: I’ve decided to take part in a 30 day wall sit challenge, a blogger; From Fat to Fit Chick mentioned that she is taking part in this challenge and wanted to know who was going to have a sit at it, ha and you guessed it, I said HELL YEA! No abs, or arm challenges for me this month, however, I am surely not neglecting them. 

2)      Goal: Just to keep everyone up to speed, my end of the year goal is to be 170lbs. And don’t give me that “it’s not about the number, it’s about how you feel,” noise, I agree with it, but right now I’ll feel better if I was at that number, see what I did there? Ha. I’m getting sidetracked, so I would like to be 180lbs by the end of October, I’ve been dabbling around 184lbs land for far too long and it feels like I’m stuck here, so I have to take a smaller stride to see the bigger picture. 180lbs it is.

3)      Challenge: You guys know by now I’ve been 5K crazy and if you don’t know, I’ve been 5K crazy. So, being crazy I decided to take on a challenge I’ve read on this blog, Blubber to Runner. The challenge is to run two 5Ks in one day. What two? Yes, two. Why you might ask? Well, it’s not called a challenge for no reason and that’s exactly what I’m doing, challenging me, making me perform at a different level. Sadly, I told friends and some family about this and come to the realization that I have supporters and non-supporters, but are the non-supporters going to stop me? HELL NO, why? Because I do what I want. (Anyone who knows me well enough knows that’s my favorite line, (don’t worry, you guys are getting to know me as well :) )) 

The first 5K is The West Side YMCA’s fit for all 5K. This is a run supporting childhood obesity prevention. The second 5K is The Firefly run, reminds me of the Electric Run I just completed. The runs take place at 9AM and 7PM respectively on October 5th. Gives me enough time to go back home and sleep and get rested for the second run. Can’t wait!!

Anyway, time to turn in. Its 1:37AM, busy day when I awaken.