I went to the gym!

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I finally got back into the gym yesterday! And let me tell you, it felt great! As you guys know I have been benched from running or doing any sort of high intensity workouts. So on Monday when I went to see my PT, I immediately asked him when I can start running again, (as I walked into the office with my “The Color Run” shirt on and he gave me a look, almost a look of “she can’t be serious” and I gave him a look right back that said “Oh, I’m very serious.” Then that’s when he nicely told me that I can start running again, but only start with a mile. Listen, starting with a mile is a mile more than I’ve done in the last two weeks, I’ll take it. 
But of course I don’t listen, so I ran almost two miles, (according to my Nike+ app, it looks like I ran almost six, I need to fix the calibration) the feeling was amazing, I took my time and ran at a pace of 4.5, slow but steady. I know I could have gone faster and longer, but I am trying to be in this for the long haul, so steady it is. 

In addition to running, I also bounced around on the weight machines a lot, I usually do three sets of 12 on each machine one time, however I decided to change it up and make it into a circuit. So this is what I did. 

Bench (chest) press
Leg extension
Seated leg curl
Triceps press
Bicep curl
Hip adduction
Hip Abduction
Abdominal crunches
Lat pull down 

I know there are 100 other things I can and should be doing at the gym; however I like to do those at home on different days, planks, squats, lunges etc.  

I need a solid at home strength training workout, then I can get busy at home and at the gym also! Any suggestions? 


My gym essentials

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Happy Sunday, 
And happy last week of October. 

Since I'm currently doing physical therapy (PT) of course I haven't been to the gym in almost two weeks. However I still walk with my gym bag and all its essentials, simply because when I get into the gym again I don't want to leave anything at home. 

So what are my gym essentials and why do I travel with them? 

1) Water - To keep hydrated.
2) Headphones - I have my own music I like to work out to; the gym music doesn't cut it for me.
3) Swim cap - For when I go swimming. 
4) Goggles - I like to see where I'm going when I swim.
5) Wash cloth - I'm a person that sweats a lot, however I don't like to stay sweaty. 
6) Undergarments - Going home in sweaty undergarments? Yuck, (I have a long commute.) 
7) Wallet - Money, id, health insurance card. 
8) Lock & Key - So I can store my belongings in the locker. 
9) Phone charger - For those days where I have let me phone die and the only place to charge it is at the gym, (then I have to listen to crappy gym music.) 
10) Arm band - While I'm running, I can track my progress, (Nike+ running app.)
11) Pen - You never know when you need to write something. 
12) Lotion - I don't like to be ashy. 
13) Hand Sanitizer - Because everything in the gym is so "clean." 
14) Change of shirt - Again, because I don't like to go home sweaty. 
15) Chap stick/lip balm - I don't like my lips to be chapped. 

*I usually carry a plastic bag with me to put the sweaty clothes in but I ran out. 

What do you take to the gym with you or what are your favorite items? I would love to hear about them! 


You're what size now?

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So many things have been going on, that I almost forgot to tell you guys about my good news. I know a couple of post ago, I mentioned it, but now I'm finally getting around to it. 

But I guess it would help if I gave you guys some background. When I started my journey I was a size 16 in jeans/pants and in between 1X and 2X in shirts (women's) at the time, I didn't find anything wrong with it, because I was comfortable in buying clothes that I loved. But when I started I realized I only shopped at one store and generally speaking all my clothes looked the same. So it was time for a change. 

What's my good news? 

I am officially a size 12 in jeans/pants and a small in men shirts/large in women's! Whoop whoop. 

Apart of me didn't realize when I start this journey I would have to buy new clothes and constantly begging for things to fit, but here I am. I've turned into a girl who love to wear jeans and dresses to now wearing compression tights all the time and now have to take clothes out of my mothers closet. 

I think this phase will pass as soon as I find out where to shop and what to buy. For now I'm just on the quest to find a pair of sneakers to "look fly" in. 

But I don't have a specific jean/pants number that I want to be, that will come when I'm at the body I would like to be. So for now, I'm enjoying my size 12 body and taking it for what it is. Size 12!


Weigh-In Thursdays!

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With only one week to go to obtain my goal of 180lbs, where am I? 

That’s right. 180lbs exact. I was actually nervous to weigh myself because I know I haven’t been working out at all, not even a little bit and my nutrition suffered as well, so I wasn’t really taking care of myself as I should be, but here I am at 180lbs. I honestly can say I don’t know how this happened. However I am thankful that it did and I still have one week left until October is over so anything can happen. 

Next week Wednesday I’m officially off my “no high intensity” workouts punishment, so you know what that means? Back to running, jumping and dancing! So soon you ask? Yes, because there is no time like the present. I’ll still be attending physical therapy twice a week, so that should help.

Seriously, if my leg doesn’t get accustomed to moving while doing physical therapy then is it really going to help? I thought so. 

No but seriously, seriously if I shouldn’t do that or if that sounds like a bad idea, please let me know.  


The Diagnosis

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 So, this is the follow up to the doctor’s appointment I had last week. Here’s the diagnosis. It’s official that I pulled my right hamstring. Bummer! So I was told that I can’t do any high impact sports for two weeks. So this means no running, jumping, dancing etc.  
And now I have to do physical therapy for four weeks. Don’t, get me wrong I am happy that there is a way to fix this and I don’t have to get surgery but I miss running already, I miss jumping around all day. But yesterday was my first session and I did a series of leg exercises, it didn’t bother my leg too much and so that was a plus. What I didn’t like was the office seemed very busy and the doctors were all over the places, dealing with other duties, ex: updating files. Other than that, it was a good first day. I’m hoping these exercises are going to make my legs stronger overall and in turn a stronger runner. 

What are my workout options now? Yoga and strength training, those are the only things I can think of right now. I have to hone in on my eating since I won’t be burning as much calories for the next week and a half. But after that time, man its back to running, seeing as I already got my new two races figured out! 


Weigh-In Thursdays!

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It’s Thursday and we all know it’s that’s time. Weigh-in day!!! So how is this week looking you might ask? Check it out for yourself! 

*Toes still look weird lol.

Yay me! Lost that .5lb and officially 181lbs. I’m actually happy about this small loss because I hate to see .5lbs in a number, don’t ask why, but it’s just one of those annoying things that get to me, “Oh you could have been 181lbs, but that .5lb was stopping you” I mean that’s how I think of the .5 but none the less it’s a loss in the right direction. 

Another good thing, I am close to my goal of being 180lbs before this month is over. I have a couple of weeks before the month is over, so a lot can happen in that time frame, but I always hope for the best. 
Until next time!


Weekly Confessions #11

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Hey there! How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is well. Me? I’m alright, not the worst but not the best, all I can do is live daily and make the best of life right? Exactly. 

Well I think a lot of last week was a mixture of cravings, not having what I wanted to eat or just too lazy to cook. However I’m getting better, I’m cutting down days little by little and this week was only three days to talk about, YAY! Slow progress is better than no progress. 

Thursday, McDonalds SMH!

Friday, Hot Pocket it wasn't even all that great!

Saturday, Beef patty and Chinese food.

If you’re wondering why these screenshots look different from the previous My Fitness Pal update is because I updated the app to iOS7 and tada, there you have it. However I hate it. 

Anyway, I really happy right now, because I have started to train for a 10K!! Can I get some applause please? Why am I happy about this? Because I NEVER thought I would be doing anything past a 5K, hell I never thought I would be running, but here I am, running my life away and taking it on as a hobby. 

Well, the race that I’m training for is The Turkey Trot, it’s on Thanksgiving Day and I believe it’s in Brooklyn, NY, (don’t quote me on that) a friend of mine told me about this last month, but she’s not sure if she’s going to do it as of yet, but that doesn’t me I can’t train for it right?

Going to a sports doctor tomorrow to see what's going on with my leg, apparently those pills my "doctor" prescribed to me didn't help and the problem is bigger than that, so to a sports doctor I go. Wish me luck!

Oh, I have more good news, not running or working out related, but personal news. But ill share that in another post. 


Weigh-In Thursdays!

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Good Morning how is everyone? Good? I hope so, because I am feeling great. Actually I am still on the tired side, but I usually have this free time in the mornings before I have to dash around and get ready to leave the house, so I decided to write this post called..


You guess it, every Thursday I would like to give my readers an update of where I currently stand in weight and this is also for me because I have a nasty habit of weighing myself every day, so this would help me only weigh myself once a week. (Let’s pray that this works.)

So currently I weight 181.5lbs

(My toes look really weird, lol)

I’m shocked that I weigh 181.5lbs, why? Because the last time I weighed in I was 184lbs. However I started to intensify my workouts started to practice hill work and even yesterday started my Insanity DVD-max sports training. So maybe that’s where this 181.5lbs is coming from.

I’m hoping that if I keep this up, I will see more progress in weight loss as well as muscle definition and a leaner body all around. But we’ll see. I still don’t feel as disciplined as I should when it comes to this whole “lifestyle journey” thing, but I am getting the hang of it. 


Weekly Confessions #10

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Last week was a roller coaster, well somewhat. I started off decent and then October 3rd my friend came to NYC to visit and it was also the premiere of Scandal season 3, so of course that called for a detour in my eating. Then the weekend I tried to compensate by eating sushi, however that didn’t make up for everything else and you know it was my big weekend with my runs and all of that, any who still doesn’t excuse the eating. 

Monday, Lunchables (these will be the death of me)

Thursday, that pizza.

Friday, those chicken nuggets, fried chicken, waffle and drink!

Saturday, that quick burger from Burger King before I took my nap.

I’ve been making sure I drink at least six glasses of water a day, (even though the recommended is eight) but it’s hard, I like sweets, I like sugar, I just like to drink sugary drinks with my meals. Practice makes perfect huh? 


PS: Sadly, with everything going on I did NOT start that wall sit challenge. Is it safe for me just to start it now? Or scrap it until next month?