Weekly Confessions #7

4:16 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

How long has it been since I've done one of these? Eh, let's not dwell on the past folks, the present is here. 

I've decided to make these "confessions" a bit easier to read, ha, who am I fooling? It's easier to post! 

Let's get started.. 

*Candy isn't something I shouldn't be eating and remembering this post, I've realized I ate a lot of candy last week. 

*I usually eat whole wheat pasta, this angel hair just wasn't cutting it for me. And that ground beef? Oh forget it, I felt sick that night. Ground red meat might not be for me anymore, well, you know since I've become a turkey girl and all. (however beef cheeseburgers are still in order.)

Fruits and vegetables I NEED, let me say that again, NEED to ingest of a regular basis. This journey isn't beneficial if I'm not inserting the proper foods into my body. 

That's a goal I'm working on :)