Post Mudderella!

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So let’s just get right into it shall we? Mudderella was GREAT! It was a wonderful experience and I had the time of my life. The course was 6 miles and about 12 – 15 obstacles (I didn’t keep track) but the terrain was filled with hills, mud, grass and rocks. (Thank you based God for summer camp.) 

Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of my team or myself on the course because I didn’t have the proper gear for my iPhone i.e.: waterproof case, but there are a lot of pictures on MUDDERELLA’S FACEBOOK PAGE of the different obstacles that we went encountered. 

The challenging part of Mudderella were the hills. My team has heard me complained about the hills almost through the whole run, so I thank them for enduring that; however the hills were very steep and for the most part I had to mad dash up them, (trust me if I didn’t I wouldn’t have made it up) but this only ensures me that I just have to practice hill work and become better and stronger at it. Also, this course psyches you out. You complete one obstacle and then run to get a hold of the next one and you can see it in your sight and just when you say “Oh yes almost there,” the course takes you around that obstacle and your suddenly in front of a totally different obstacle and you don’t get to the obstacle you just saw until two obstacles later. 

The mantra “Own your strong” is truly something to live by. I must say I thought of this over and over during the course of the run while climbing through, over and under obstacles. I’ve realized that I have gotten stronger over the past couple of months and never was able to pull myself over ropes and nets and now I can! But there are areas I can improve on as well, always room for improvement. 

You guys know me, once I am in love with an event; I am most likely going to do it again next year. So next year, watch out for me! 

These are the pictures that I did manage to take or one of my team members took them; I hope you guys enjoy them.