Electric Run Aftermath

2:33 AM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

PR/PB Baby!! (Personal Record/Personal Best) I ran The Color Run in 43:16 and the Electric Run in 39:41. Slow time for some, but a faster time for me! Alright well, toning down my excitement..

You know, running a 5K at night, alone, is not necessarily a fun thing to do. However the Electric Run proved me wrong, somewhat. This event was the same location as The Color Run, so I was very familiar with the course, shoot and for good reason. If I hadn’t run the course before hand I would have been nervous. But what the hell, good times. 

Thousands of people running with glow gear and lights were amazing. The Electric Run’s motto is “Welcome to our world” and I believe it, because it felt like you were in a different zone, but world, not really. Each “land” or “world” illuminated, trees lit up brighter than a Christmas tree, upside down umbrellas looked like bubble gum, TV screen with almost a comic strip feel just bursting with color. WOW! But how about you just see for yourself? 

*Picture when I got home, because who was really going to take my picture?
*Start line
*Upside down umbrella world.
*Lighting trees world
*Some type of water world
*Hanging lights world
*Halfway point water station, I actually liked this!
*Archway world
*Me, about two minutes after the run started. Stopped to take a picture.
*Me after the run, sweaty and hot, UGH!

Of course, the same complaint I had with The Color Run is the same complaint I have with the Electric Run. The course was boring; there was only five “worlds” throughout this 3-mile course, so when there wasn’t any “world” to run through, it was total darkness, I mean aside from thousands of glow sticks running away from you, total darkness. In this case, at least the orange cones (that I almost tripped over) should have been illuminated, SOMETHING! My goodness, I was expecting some more color and light through this course. Maybe a representative from the Electric Run will discover my post and take my advice! 
Would I do this again? Maybe, definitely not alone and I would volunteer again, I wouldn’t pay for it. It’s something that I’ve experience, very uncomfortable doing, (because I was alone) but had a decent time by myself. “Get comfortable, with being uncomfortable.” is my new motto and doing this run proved just that!