Electric Run Aftermath

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PR/PB Baby!! (Personal Record/Personal Best) I ran The Color Run in 43:16 and the Electric Run in 39:41. Slow time for some, but a faster time for me! Alright well, toning down my excitement..

You know, running a 5K at night, alone, is not necessarily a fun thing to do. However the Electric Run proved me wrong, somewhat. This event was the same location as The Color Run, so I was very familiar with the course, shoot and for good reason. If I hadn’t run the course before hand I would have been nervous. But what the hell, good times. 

Thousands of people running with glow gear and lights were amazing. The Electric Run’s motto is “Welcome to our world” and I believe it, because it felt like you were in a different zone, but world, not really. Each “land” or “world” illuminated, trees lit up brighter than a Christmas tree, upside down umbrellas looked like bubble gum, TV screen with almost a comic strip feel just bursting with color. WOW! But how about you just see for yourself? 

*Picture when I got home, because who was really going to take my picture?
*Start line
*Upside down umbrella world.
*Lighting trees world
*Some type of water world
*Hanging lights world
*Halfway point water station, I actually liked this!
*Archway world
*Me, about two minutes after the run started. Stopped to take a picture.
*Me after the run, sweaty and hot, UGH!

Of course, the same complaint I had with The Color Run is the same complaint I have with the Electric Run. The course was boring; there was only five “worlds” throughout this 3-mile course, so when there wasn’t any “world” to run through, it was total darkness, I mean aside from thousands of glow sticks running away from you, total darkness. In this case, at least the orange cones (that I almost tripped over) should have been illuminated, SOMETHING! My goodness, I was expecting some more color and light through this course. Maybe a representative from the Electric Run will discover my post and take my advice! 
Would I do this again? Maybe, definitely not alone and I would volunteer again, I wouldn’t pay for it. It’s something that I’ve experience, very uncomfortable doing, (because I was alone) but had a decent time by myself. “Get comfortable, with being uncomfortable.” is my new motto and doing this run proved just that!


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The Electric Run

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I'm keeping myself busy, motivated and moving. Which brings me to say... 

I am doing The Electric Run on FRIDAY!!! 

First off, I'm very excited about doing this because I'm getting in for free! Let me explain.. 

I was browsing Facebook as usual, and I decided to check out The Electric Run's Facebook page and there I saw the post that read, "NYC come volunteer with The Electric Run on Wednesday 9/25 or 9/26 to receive free registration to the event" Oh, you know I was all over that! 

Needless to say, I was giving out race packets all day and smiling at everyone. It was a pretty smooth day. (Except right now, my legs are burning, I was on my feet the whole day!) 

Sports Authority in NYC was crowded, people picking up 50 and 70 race packets for their teams, I mean so I heard the morning shift experienced. I, the smart afternoon shift didn't experience much at all, but still an enjoyable experience. 

Afterwards, we packed up, cleaned up and the nice woman (didn't get her name) distributed our race gear and I made my way home. 

Check it out! 

I am in love! This race takes place at night! The same place where The Color Run was and it's going to be illuminated and pretty, colorful! Oh man I can't wait, I'm just so excited to experience the transformation.

Well, I'll post after the run! 


Weekly Confessions #8

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Everyone has bad moments, days and in this case, I had a bad week. I don’t mean “Oh I could have eaten better these two days.” I mean THE WHOLE WEEK was bad. I just mad poor choices. My head was stuck in a cloud, really not giving a damn and in turn gained two pounds. So you guessed it back to 186lbs. 

The personal took over me last week, but I refuse to let it happen again, (I hope not to this extent at least) I’ve had constant conversations with myself about what I need to do to be successful in life, you see, one of my biggest fears is not being successful. And I don’t mean, big time rich, fancy cars, three houses successful, (although that is a goal) but I mean comfortable successful, not having to worry about the next move. I don’t want or have time to play chess with my life. I’m 23-years-old and I’m not getting any younger. Am I over exaggerating? Or do I have a right to feel this way? Please, let me know. 

Here we go, the BOOM!

Friday, empty like this means I didn't even bother to log the junk.

Not sure if my feelings excuse my eating, but at least I got to the root of it, so time to do better. 


Post Mudderella!

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So let’s just get right into it shall we? Mudderella was GREAT! It was a wonderful experience and I had the time of my life. The course was 6 miles and about 12 – 15 obstacles (I didn’t keep track) but the terrain was filled with hills, mud, grass and rocks. (Thank you based God for summer camp.) 

Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of my team or myself on the course because I didn’t have the proper gear for my iPhone i.e.: waterproof case, but there are a lot of pictures on MUDDERELLA’S FACEBOOK PAGE of the different obstacles that we went encountered. 

The challenging part of Mudderella were the hills. My team has heard me complained about the hills almost through the whole run, so I thank them for enduring that; however the hills were very steep and for the most part I had to mad dash up them, (trust me if I didn’t I wouldn’t have made it up) but this only ensures me that I just have to practice hill work and become better and stronger at it. Also, this course psyches you out. You complete one obstacle and then run to get a hold of the next one and you can see it in your sight and just when you say “Oh yes almost there,” the course takes you around that obstacle and your suddenly in front of a totally different obstacle and you don’t get to the obstacle you just saw until two obstacles later. 

The mantra “Own your strong” is truly something to live by. I must say I thought of this over and over during the course of the run while climbing through, over and under obstacles. I’ve realized that I have gotten stronger over the past couple of months and never was able to pull myself over ropes and nets and now I can! But there are areas I can improve on as well, always room for improvement. 

You guys know me, once I am in love with an event; I am most likely going to do it again next year. So next year, watch out for me! 

These are the pictures that I did manage to take or one of my team members took them; I hope you guys enjoy them.


Mudderella in PA!

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It's actually two days left, but anyway. It’s 1:18AM. I have no idea why I am awake. I’m not feeling like myself, so much so that I forgot to mention my next adventure. A couple of friends and I decided to sign up for a mud run called Mudderella. For those who never heard of it, it’s a 5-7 mile course that contains 12-15 obstacles and takes place in Pennsylvania, this weekend!

The course is designed by women and it’s for women, but it doesn’t exclude men. Mudderella prides on the motto “Own Your Strong” which I find to be a great motto. Just be proud of whom you are and the strength you have and whatever you feel is lacking, build up until your goal is reached. That’s how I feel I’m living my life right now, somewhat. Mudderella

Cutting this post short, I actually have more exiting challenges and adventures I am going to encounter. I already have them lined up, so it’s just a matter of being rested and prepared. Now I am excited.

Going to try and get to bed now, meeting in the morning.


Contact Me

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I love to stay in touch with my readers. Any and everything is welcomed and appreciated. Don't be afraid to shoot me an email. Trust me, I read them all the time :)   

Email: KyannaSimone@gmail.com

Also, if your social media savvy, don't forget to click on the links to the left of 'Contact Me' and let's become friends everywhere.
Don't see a social networking site listed and you would like for me to join? Feel free to shoot me an email with the name of the website and I'll be sure to take a look. XOXO.

Weekly Confessions #7

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How long has it been since I've done one of these? Eh, let's not dwell on the past folks, the present is here. 

I've decided to make these "confessions" a bit easier to read, ha, who am I fooling? It's easier to post! 

Let's get started.. 

*Candy isn't something I shouldn't be eating and remembering this post, I've realized I ate a lot of candy last week. 

*I usually eat whole wheat pasta, this angel hair just wasn't cutting it for me. And that ground beef? Oh forget it, I felt sick that night. Ground red meat might not be for me anymore, well, you know since I've become a turkey girl and all. (however beef cheeseburgers are still in order.)

Fruits and vegetables I NEED, let me say that again, NEED to ingest of a regular basis. This journey isn't beneficial if I'm not inserting the proper foods into my body. 

That's a goal I'm working on :) 


The Color Run!!!

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Oh how I know how late I am, please forgive me, but once again life has gotten in the way. 

So here are some pictures, hope you guys enjoy them. 

I couldn't be more elated to do this run. Sad that its over but I know next year I want to do it again, as well as travel to New Haven, CT and run there as well. 

My only complaint about this would be the actual course, so let me explain. Imagine your in an empty parking lot, typical trees and people. That's it. It wasn't one of those events where people were on the sidelines cheering or what have you, so in a sense your just running until to reach the next arch way. 

Other than that, I had a BLAST! 


With Two Days Left!

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Oh My GOODNESS! I am excited, I mean very excited, I feel like those pop rocks candy that just crackle all over the place. 

The Color Run is Saturday!!! 
I just really can't wait, I want to run, I want a whole bunch of color on me and I want to have fun! Tomorrow I go and pick up my race packet, where I receive my bib number, a packet of color, a shirt, a headband and I can't remember what else. 

Currently I am just being aware of my body and not causing any unnecessary injuries between now and race day. 

Ahhhh, so excited! Alright I'll update on Saturday :)


September Challenges!

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Hey guys! 

It's September 1st and I've decided to challenge myself in doing these squat, arm and ab challenges. 
I want to actually see this through, so in turn I am going to find a way to incorporate this into my daily routines. 

Since two of the challenges have crunches, I am just going to add the amount requested for both days and complete it. 

Also, if anyone knows of a back challenge or workouts please let me know. 

Lets get started and we can do this together :)