Vacation: New Paltz, NY

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Man, where do I begin? Ok, let's start from the beginning. 

Sunday morning 8:30AM
*Sleeping, then the phone rings"

Me: "Hello."
A: "Good Morning, wake up back and bag and come on."
Me: "OMG!"
A: "Are you still sleeping?"
Me: "Yes! I didn't go to bed until 4AM."
A: "That's stupid, pack your bag and let's go, meet me in the city"
Me: "Alright"

Needless to say that is how my vacation started, I didn't even know my destination until I arrived in the city. (NYC) 

Cut to vacation, I stayed at a vegan bed and breakfast (B&B,) which was a new experience for me, because one, I've never eaten vegan before, two, I've never stayed at a B&B before and three, it wasn't a typical B&B where the owners house is separate from the property, it's the owners house and we happened to be staying there. 

So, here are some of the other adventures I took part in.

I went rock scrambling, 

See those people in the background? Yea, we climbed up and in between those rocks. 

Went trail running (seven miles)
Ran three miles into town and then another four in the woods. 

And ate a lot of good food (sadly I don't have a picture of that lol.) 

I was particularly excited and grateful for this experience because it was an abundance of first for me, especially since I've decided to adopt the motto "try everything once." 

Well, I don't want to go rambling on about my vacation so I'll leave on that note, is this something I'll do again? Yes! 

Time to get back on this journey!