Updates, updates and more updates!

4:01 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

I know, I know! It's been awhile, but life has gotten busy but I finally set aside some time update you guys. So where so I begin? 

1) I am currently on week six of the Color Run training program. (This week requires running for 12 minutes and walking for one.)

2) On August 5th for the first time I ran for four miles. One of the hardest and yet one of the best runs I've had. (Outside run in the city.)

3) I'm tipping the scale between 189 & 188lbs. So I'm still going to consider myself 189lbs until I see a definite 188lbs. 

4) My eating has been up and down. Clear indicator of why my weight hasn't changed.  

So since today makes 30 days until the Color Run, I am hoping that I can lose 9 pounds by then. I would like to be 180lbs by the start of this race.