Follow Up

12:30 AM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Oh the doctors! How you sit and wait in the waiting area for the nurse to call your name, only to be taken into a room with eggshell walls, no pictures, a Dell desktop computer facing you and a window to your right. Oh but let’s not forget that dull grey hospital bed, you know, with the white tissue lining. The joy.

Any who, my priority for going to the doctors was for a follow up, I did blood work last week and yesterday was just to talk to me about the results. The doctor explained to me that I am perfectly healthy and have excellent levels in everything, EXCEPT vitamin D and liver. 

I am classified as Vitamin D deficient because of how low my levels are. Therefore I have to take a supplement for 8 weeks to spring my levels in the appropriate margins to be considered sufficient. The liver I didn’t get much advice on, just to watch on how much and how often I drink (which is not often anyway) but I guess I have to be a little more cautious now. 

As for my leg, I was just told to ice it and that was it, so I’ve been doing that religiously. I also did a Jillian Michaels yoga DVD and I must say the combination of these two has helped tremendously. 

Sadly this is week eight of my Color Run training and I don’t think I am going to be able to run at all this week, however I will try to get at least one run in, TRY being the key word. 


PS: 188lbs, getting closer and closer.