Weekly Confessions #6

12:06 AM KyannaSimone 0 Comments


A lot of good things happened this week. I completed that water challenge and I feel GREAT. I cut out carbs for the week (rice, bread, pasta etc.) I didn’t eat any red meat and I am finally 189lbs! Can you say excited MAJOR! 

Now on to why we’re here. I did have a little slip up on Friday and Saturday but nothing to cry over.

Friday’s Dinner: Two slices of pizza.
Saturday’s Lunch: Sticky wings.

And that’s it. Honestly when I saw 189lbs on the scale, my insides were doing multiple back flips and then jumping on a pogo stick. You guys know I’ve been struggling to move from that stubborn 192lbs. My goal for this week coming up is go basically eat the same way I did and add in some carbs along the way. 

Also same for the water, the goal is to drink as much water as possible, but I would like to drink a cup of juice with dinner every other night. 

I just can’t wait to start my week as a 189-pound woman! 


PS: I officially registered for The Color Run on Friday 7/19. I am still keeping up with the trainings and I am currently on week 4.