Weekly Confessions #5

11:03 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Man oh man, do I feel good this week. I stayed on track for most of the week and strayed off about two times throughout the whole week. I am actually really proud of myself and I am hoping to have one good week and after that having more good weeks to come.

Check this out:

Monday’s Dinner: Honey chicken wings and French fries (staff dinner)
Friday’s Breakfast: Green plantain
Friday’s Dessert: Tiramisu

So you guys know my motto “Sunday starts a new week” and I am looking forward to keeping this week 100% clean, however I am predicting two possible days that I could put me off track, but we will see as the week progresses.

Also, I have finished week one of the beginners 5K training and I must say it started out rough, but I found it easier as I repeated the runs. Although running on cement is something I need to focus on more since that’s a challenge for me.

So off to starting week two of the color run training, wish me luck!


PS: Still stuck at 192lbs. Losing these next two pounds are a challenge but I know it can be done.