Weekly Confessions #4

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Before I get into the foods I ate, I came to a realization. I HAVE NO GROCERIES IN MY HOUSE! Seriously, I noticed that I am scrambling to put together a meal half the time to get the food groups on my plate. The last time I went grocery shopping was in April and that was a good amount of shopping I did. But food gets eaten and when that happens, you have to replace the food and that’s something I didn’t do. HA. So hopefully I get to go food shopping very soon.

On with business…

Tuesday: Breakfast and Dinner: Pizza Rolls (very LAZY day)

Thursday’s Dinner: Pizza

Friday’s Dinner: Went to Ruby Tuesday’s (However the calorie counter stated that the meal was 381 calories so I’m not certain.)

With that being said this week was up and down and because of it I gained a pound, putting me back at 193lbs. It’s time for me to focus up man. I’ve been bike riding lately as you guys know and have been burning tremendous amounts of calories. But that workout doesn’t help if I am not eating right.

Also, I must admit that since I have started bike riding, I have not been going to the gym. That is something that I would like do this week (since I have this week off from work.) But bike riding is so much easier and a lot more fun, but the gym as equipment that I can use that I don’t have at home. So, there goes my answer!