Weekly Confessions #3

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Confessions, confessions, confessions…where do I begin?

Well let’s start here. Last time, I mentioned that I became ill and couldn’t eat much on Sunday, well I became so ill that I was vomiting all over the place and couldn’t keep anything down until Tuesday morning. TUESDAY MORNING! Remember this is from Saturday night!

Because of this I lost 4lbs and went down to 189lbs. But I knew I was going to gain it back once I started eating.

So, that Tuesday I ate wheat bread, egg whites with feta cheese and spinach. I was told to eat some greasy food to get rid of the sickness and that’s what I did.

Sigh, so this is what the rest of the week looked like…

Wednesday: Breakfast; egg and cheese on a plain bagel.
                     Lunch; bourbon blackened burger with bleu cheese (boss took us out for lunch.)

Thursday: Lunch; French fries and hot wings with bleu cheese.
                 Dinner; Uno’s chicken and pasta meal.

Friday: Lunch; French fries with cheese and bacon.
            Dinner; Uno’s chicken and pasta meal.

What can I say? Not eating for two days, I truly missed food and I took the “eat greasy food” spiel too far. And to top it off, I didn’t even go to the gym last week, not one single day, partially because I was lazy and partially because I was afraid to vomit, but mostly because I was lazy.

So, I gained 3lbs, which is fine by me because of the fluid I lost and now I am currently 192lbs. Sunday starts a new week and I am ready to attack it full force. That 189lbs was a good feeling to see on the scale.