Weekly Confessions #2

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Weekly Confessions #2

So I know this one is really late! But I have been super busy around the house and at work, just all around trying to get myself together. 

Anywho, I did pretty good last week. I didn't eat poorly at all. Throughout the week the only off things I ate were Jolly Ranchers candy (about one every other day) and a cup of soda. 

However on Saturday, I had Indian food and a couple of drinks. So Sunday morning I was sick and couldn't really couldn't stomach much. 

I didn't go the gym as much as I should of because I did a lot of running around this last week and this week has been the same way. I'm hoping by Friday I can restore some normalcy in my life and get back on track.


PS: I decided not to start the jump rope challenge. This month has been very hectic.