Weekly Confessions #1

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Weekly Confession:

I meant to write this yesterday, but I was busy. So here I am writing this today for last weeks poor choices.

Last week, I think I did so so, I didn’t eat all the way right, but I didn’t tank my week either.

Wednesday – for dinner it was two slices of Little Caesars pizza.

Thursday – Jolly Ranchers gummies as a snack, Popeye’s chicken for dinner.

Friday & Saturday – Popeye’s chicken, again, for dinner. Two pieces max.

Looking back on it now, I realized I didn’t need to eat so much fast food in one week. It didn’t even feel like I ate so much, until I looked at my “My Fitness Pal” and reviewed the food I ate. Goodness…
This is the start of a new week and I am hoping to make better choices and eat out less, but if I do decided to eat out, I am going to make sure its something not detrimental to my journey.


P.S. I didn’t do that run Friday morning, but I did do it Saturday night and let me tell you, it was the hardest thing ever. Ran for 16 minutes, I felt out of breath, my feet were on fire and I was sweating. Oh man, the treadmill and the road is NOT the same thing. But I am willing to give it another shot.