Those Challenges huh?

10:28 AM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Those challenges… squat, plank and abs challenges. How did I do?

Well… take a look.

*Anything crossed out is what I completed.

Horrible right? I didn’t complete not one of the challenges! Also I didn’t even make it to day 20. I think after awhile I just got tired and bored, always having to come home and do all 3 of these workouts. I know they weren’t much, but I was just tired and exhausted after work, so I just didn’t want to be bothered. I think I tried to do so many at once and that’s probably I didn’t succeed.

But that’s ok. I know I am going to do one challenge at a time as well as going to the gym, oh wait… I didn’t tell you guys I made a gym schedule! So here it is.

Sundays: Gym 12PM
Mondays: Gym 8:30PM (after work)
Tuesdays: Off
Wednesdays: 2PM (at work)
Thursdays: Gym 8:30PM (after work)
Fridays: 11AM
Saturdays: TBA

I started this schedule last week and I have to say I feel like this is going to work for me. This weekend, I got sick and I am currently fighting this cold, BUT it’s not stopping me from continuing this schedule.

Oh, I’m also considering starting this jump rope challenge, LOL! If I start it, hopefully I can complete it.