I LOVE Bike Riding.

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The benefits of bike riding span from an array of things. It builds strength and muscle tone, builds up stamina, great way for burning calories, good for your waistline and it gives you’re a burst of energy.

With this I think I've found a new niche. I am totally in love with this new form of working out. I've only rode twice and both times I've realized that I get tired after 40 minutes and I'm talking exhausted tired, don't want to continue anymore. But I know that at this point I only have 20 minutes left and I push myself to make it to that 1-hour mark.

So this is how I did my first and second time of riding. 

As you can see my second ride was better than my first. I burned more calories, covered a longer distance in the same amount of time and my miles per hour was all around better as well. I am hoping that I am get to 8 miles on my next bike ride. (possibly today) 

My back, arms and legs all hurt right now, so I just need some rest. Any suggestions on relieving the pain would be greatly appreciated :) 


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