Weekly Confessions #4

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Before I get into the foods I ate, I came to a realization. I HAVE NO GROCERIES IN MY HOUSE! Seriously, I noticed that I am scrambling to put together a meal half the time to get the food groups on my plate. The last time I went grocery shopping was in April and that was a good amount of shopping I did. But food gets eaten and when that happens, you have to replace the food and that’s something I didn’t do. HA. So hopefully I get to go food shopping very soon.

On with business…

Tuesday: Breakfast and Dinner: Pizza Rolls (very LAZY day)

Thursday’s Dinner: Pizza

Friday’s Dinner: Went to Ruby Tuesday’s (However the calorie counter stated that the meal was 381 calories so I’m not certain.)

With that being said this week was up and down and because of it I gained a pound, putting me back at 193lbs. It’s time for me to focus up man. I’ve been bike riding lately as you guys know and have been burning tremendous amounts of calories. But that workout doesn’t help if I am not eating right.

Also, I must admit that since I have started bike riding, I have not been going to the gym. That is something that I would like do this week (since I have this week off from work.) But bike riding is so much easier and a lot more fun, but the gym as equipment that I can use that I don’t have at home. So, there goes my answer! 


I LOVE Bike Riding.

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The benefits of bike riding span from an array of things. It builds strength and muscle tone, builds up stamina, great way for burning calories, good for your waistline and it gives you’re a burst of energy.

With this I think I've found a new niche. I am totally in love with this new form of working out. I've only rode twice and both times I've realized that I get tired after 40 minutes and I'm talking exhausted tired, don't want to continue anymore. But I know that at this point I only have 20 minutes left and I push myself to make it to that 1-hour mark.

So this is how I did my first and second time of riding. 

As you can see my second ride was better than my first. I burned more calories, covered a longer distance in the same amount of time and my miles per hour was all around better as well. I am hoping that I am get to 8 miles on my next bike ride. (possibly today) 

My back, arms and legs all hurt right now, so I just need some rest. Any suggestions on relieving the pain would be greatly appreciated :) 


Would you like to read some articles on the benefits of bike riding? Here is what I used.

Weekly Confessions #3

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Confessions, confessions, confessions…where do I begin?

Well let’s start here. Last time, I mentioned that I became ill and couldn’t eat much on Sunday, well I became so ill that I was vomiting all over the place and couldn’t keep anything down until Tuesday morning. TUESDAY MORNING! Remember this is from Saturday night!

Because of this I lost 4lbs and went down to 189lbs. But I knew I was going to gain it back once I started eating.

So, that Tuesday I ate wheat bread, egg whites with feta cheese and spinach. I was told to eat some greasy food to get rid of the sickness and that’s what I did.

Sigh, so this is what the rest of the week looked like…

Wednesday: Breakfast; egg and cheese on a plain bagel.
                     Lunch; bourbon blackened burger with bleu cheese (boss took us out for lunch.)

Thursday: Lunch; French fries and hot wings with bleu cheese.
                 Dinner; Uno’s chicken and pasta meal.

Friday: Lunch; French fries with cheese and bacon.
            Dinner; Uno’s chicken and pasta meal.

What can I say? Not eating for two days, I truly missed food and I took the “eat greasy food” spiel too far. And to top it off, I didn’t even go to the gym last week, not one single day, partially because I was lazy and partially because I was afraid to vomit, but mostly because I was lazy.

So, I gained 3lbs, which is fine by me because of the fluid I lost and now I am currently 192lbs. Sunday starts a new week and I am ready to attack it full force. That 189lbs was a good feeling to see on the scale.


Weekly Confessions #2

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Weekly Confessions #2

So I know this one is really late! But I have been super busy around the house and at work, just all around trying to get myself together. 

Anywho, I did pretty good last week. I didn't eat poorly at all. Throughout the week the only off things I ate were Jolly Ranchers candy (about one every other day) and a cup of soda. 

However on Saturday, I had Indian food and a couple of drinks. So Sunday morning I was sick and couldn't really couldn't stomach much. 

I didn't go the gym as much as I should of because I did a lot of running around this last week and this week has been the same way. I'm hoping by Friday I can restore some normalcy in my life and get back on track.


PS: I decided not to start the jump rope challenge. This month has been very hectic. 

Those Challenges huh?

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Those challenges… squat, plank and abs challenges. How did I do?

Well… take a look.

*Anything crossed out is what I completed.

Horrible right? I didn’t complete not one of the challenges! Also I didn’t even make it to day 20. I think after awhile I just got tired and bored, always having to come home and do all 3 of these workouts. I know they weren’t much, but I was just tired and exhausted after work, so I just didn’t want to be bothered. I think I tried to do so many at once and that’s probably I didn’t succeed.

But that’s ok. I know I am going to do one challenge at a time as well as going to the gym, oh wait… I didn’t tell you guys I made a gym schedule! So here it is.

Sundays: Gym 12PM
Mondays: Gym 8:30PM (after work)
Tuesdays: Off
Wednesdays: 2PM (at work)
Thursdays: Gym 8:30PM (after work)
Fridays: 11AM
Saturdays: TBA

I started this schedule last week and I have to say I feel like this is going to work for me. This weekend, I got sick and I am currently fighting this cold, BUT it’s not stopping me from continuing this schedule.

Oh, I’m also considering starting this jump rope challenge, LOL! If I start it, hopefully I can complete it. 


Weekly Confessions #1

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Weekly Confession:

I meant to write this yesterday, but I was busy. So here I am writing this today for last weeks poor choices.

Last week, I think I did so so, I didn’t eat all the way right, but I didn’t tank my week either.

Wednesday – for dinner it was two slices of Little Caesars pizza.

Thursday – Jolly Ranchers gummies as a snack, Popeye’s chicken for dinner.

Friday & Saturday – Popeye’s chicken, again, for dinner. Two pieces max.

Looking back on it now, I realized I didn’t need to eat so much fast food in one week. It didn’t even feel like I ate so much, until I looked at my “My Fitness Pal” and reviewed the food I ate. Goodness…
This is the start of a new week and I am hoping to make better choices and eat out less, but if I do decided to eat out, I am going to make sure its something not detrimental to my journey.


P.S. I didn’t do that run Friday morning, but I did do it Saturday night and let me tell you, it was the hardest thing ever. Ran for 16 minutes, I felt out of breath, my feet were on fire and I was sweating. Oh man, the treadmill and the road is NOT the same thing. But I am willing to give it another shot.